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Thread: empty desktop?

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    <solved> empty desktop?

    As the title is saying: I cannot see the documents that i placed on the desktop. I know they are there because i can see them when i browse to Desktop in Nautilus or on the panel Places -> Desktop.

    After some googling I found out that the documents become visible after i do alt-F2 and type nautilus

    But they are gone after I restart again.

    Also I checked gconf-editor but under apps -> nautilus -> preferences -> show desktop items is checked.

    After installing ubuntu netbook remix i switched to the classic view with the desktop switcher. Everything else is running really well.

    Does somebody know how to fix this, because it is slightly annoying.
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    Re: empty desktop?

    You could try adding Nautilus to the list of startup applications.

    Press Alt+F2 and enter "gnome-session-properties". When the Startup Applications Preferences window pops up, click Add and enter the following:

    Name: Nautilus
    Command: nautilus

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    Re: empty desktop?

    Thanks for the suggestion giant speck. It is a work around, but I rather have a solution. With a netbook I like to keep start-up time, as short as possible. Maybe I will do a reinstall and see if it happens again, if so than I might make a bug report. I am just thinking there is something wrong in my settings that can easily be fixed, I just can't figure out how and why this happens...

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    Re: empty desktop?

    Ok fixed it!

    If you have the same problem. Here's how i did it
    Press alt-f2
    type gconf-editor
    Go to Desktop -> gnome -> session

    make sure that the required_components_list has the value filemanager if not, as was in my case and probably is a bug in the netbook-remix. than click on it and add the value filemanager.

    so it will look like this


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