Hello, I'm running Kubuntu Hardy and I'm trying to use k3b to burn from a cue / single wav. The image (both cue and wav) were originally created by k3b from my CD. The wav plays, seems fine and the cue appears to be within spec (cue file is attatched). When I load the cue to burn a copy, it presents the last track as being the entire length of the CD in addition to the tracks before, so the ~69min CD (~691mb wav) is displayed as ~133min and naturally won't burn! I've repeated this with other CDs and the result is just like this one. Want to get this working as I'd also like to use k3b to split the files to FLAC for use with a music server.

Anyone experience this? Any ideas?

Here is a screen shot too, showing the last tracks. Last should be a few minutes, but it's 68:25:13! I'm baffled.