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    Conky Banshee Python Script

    ArchLinux : Package support is present in the AUR. All my packages can be seen here:

    Ubuntu/Debian : All the script packages have now been copied into the Conky Companions PPA. Any package updates will be provided by the team through this new ppa. The ppa can be found here: To use this ppa first delete the old ppa files using this:
    sudo rm /etc/apt/sources.list.d/m-buck* && sudo rm /etc/apt/sources.list.d/conkyhardcore*
    Then follow the modified first post instructions for the scripts


    This is a simple script to display what is current playing in Banshee. The script talks to Banshee using dbus, and allows the outputting of track info and the use of templates...

    There is a README with the install, I suggest you give it atleast a quick once over! It can be found in the installation folder, normally following the path of /usr/share/conky<scriptname>/

    Basic Install

    Method 1: Using apt

    1) Add the repository to your OS install:
    sudo add-apt-repository ppa:conky-companions/ppa
    * Note if you are running 9.10 or below then refer to the PPA link at the end of this post for help on installing from the ppa, good guidance can be found on the launchpad site

    2) Now that is done simply run the following to update your repo cache and install the script:

    sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install conkybanshee
    Method 2: Using deb file

    Run the .deb file available at the Conky Companions PPA site here:

    Warning, this will not ensure you are kept up-to-date. Only method 1 will do that

    Method 3: Using tar.gz file

    Extract all the contents of the tar.gz file to an appropriate folder, and edit the conkyBanshee script to point to the correct location where is. The tar.gz file is available at the Conky Companions PPA site here:

    Unless you are using a non-Debian based OS I don't suggest this. Users of Debian/Ubuntu flavour OS's should ideally use method 1.

    Again will will not receive updates using this method. ONLY method 1 can do this for you

    All further details on setup are orientated around the deb package based install, so may differ from what you choose your setup to be, if done using the tarball.

    Usage Help

    You can get the current help options at any time by running (change the path as necessary):

    conkyBanshee -h

    conkyBanshee --help
    Usage: conkyBanshee [options]
      -h, --help            show this help message and exit
      -t FILE, --template=FILE
                            define a template file to generate output in one call.
                            A displayable item in the file is in the form
                            [--datatype=TI]. The following are possible options
                            within each item: --datatype,--ratingchar. Note that
                            the short forms of the options are not currently
                            supported! None of these options are applicable at
                            command line when using templates.
      -d DATATYPE, --datatype=DATATYPE
                            [default: TI] The data type options are: ST (status),
                            CA (coverart), TI (title), AL (album), AR (artist), GE
                            (genre), YR (year), TN (track number), FN (file name),
                            BR (bitrate k/s), LE (length), PP (current position in
                            percent), PT (current position in time), VO (volume),
                            RT (rating). Not applicable at command line when using
      -r CHAR, --ratingchar=CHAR
                            [default: *] The output character for the ratings
                            scale. Command line option overridden if used in
      -s TEXT, --statustext=TEXT
                            [default: Playing,Paused,Stopped] The text must be
                            comma delimited in the form 'A,B,C'. Command line
                            option overridden if used in templates.
      -n, --nounknownoutput
                            Turn off unknown output such as "Unknown" for title
                            and "0:00" for length. Command line option overridden
                            if used in templates.
      -S, --secondsoutput   Force all position and length output to be in seconds
      -m LENGTH, --maxlength=LENGTH
                            [default: 0] Define the maximum length of any
                            datatypes output, if truncated the output ends in
      -v, --verbose         Request verbose output, not a good idea when running
                            through conky!
      -V, --version         Displays the version of the script.
      --errorlogfile=FILE   If a filepath is set, the script appends errors to the
      --infologfile=FILE    If a filepath is set, the script appends info to the
    Development History

    Development history going forwards can be seen here
    All packages available from me can be found here:
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