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2 Options I can think of, they're not tested but should get you there...

1) Run the command through a script file which doesn't return the data? e.g. create runme.sh which contains:

conkyBanshee --datatype=CA
then use:

${execpi 1 ~/runme.sh}${image /tmp/cover -p 65,475 -s 150x150 -n}
2) Use a template for the image output i.e. template file named "cover.template":

${image [--datatype=CA] -p 65,475 -s 150x150 -n}
and inside the conkyrc:

${execpi 1 ~/conkyBanshee.py --template=cover.template}
Excellent! Thank you kindly. Sorry for the PM, should have guessed you'd subscribe.