Hey people,

I just built a new computer, using purchased parts and salvaging some parts from an old dell that wasn't being used anymore (4 gigs of RAM, 500 gig HDD, CD/DVD reader). The HDD had windows Vista on it and I had to use a dell reinstallation disk to be able to use it, which I did and it all ran fine and dandy. I had previously dual booted Mac OSX and Ubuntu on my laptop and it was great. So i thought hey, why don't i safeguard my computer by dual-booting Ubuntu? Considering my experience with dual-boot I thought this to be a fabulous idea. Then ***** went down, I shrunk my vista partition and to give ubuntu some more room copied over the old program files (when you reinstall windoes it saves your program files in a windows.old file) and delete the windows.old fil. I then inserted the live CD and proceeded to install ubuntu. Once installed i restarted my computer and it didn"t even give me a choice of ubuntu or windows but i assumed that this was because it was my first time turning on my computer with ubuntu installed. Then it said softreset failed (device, my HDD, not ready). This confused me but the welcome screen popped up and lo and behold my username and password that i typed in on the livecd were not lining up. Thoroughly pissed I reinstalled ubuntu (checking HDD integrity and it passed the test) but I had to specify partitions manually since I couldn't log onto windows still, thinking I'll fix that when i get ubuntu up and running. Now I can mount the windows partition, it won't show up in boot loader and I do not want to reinstall windows again.

P.S. I realize this is quite a story but help would be appreciated