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Thread: Ubuntu won't boot without monitor plugged in

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    [SOLVED] Ubuntu won't boot without monitor plugged in

    I've been searching all night, and found several topics on the matter, but all were 1-2 years old and none seemed to have a solution, but I'm hoping perhaps a fix has been found with the later versions of Ubuntu.

    Here's my problem:
    I'm running Ubuntu Server 9.04, and I'm hoping to make it headless. I've installed vnc4server and all that is working just fine, as long as I have a monitor plugged in. Once I remove the monitor however, it won't boot. I read in some other topics that apparently it boots automaticly into low graphics mode, and a window popping up informing about it, but it's hard to "check" it, when i have no monitor/mouse/keyboard plugged in

    I suppose this is only a problem when using GUI, and in most other topics the OP simply went using CLI instead, but as I'm still fairly new to Linux, I'd prefer having a graphical interface for now.

    I suppose you could also wonder why I don't just boot it and then unplug monitor, considering Ubuntu servers rarely needs rebooting, but as the server will not be in my own home, but at a place where powercuts are pretty common, I need it to be a be all on autostart, as the server will be placed at someone who doesn't know the first thing about computers.

    Any help is very much appriciated, thanks
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