OK i have looked and looked for hours on here on how to fix my problem with no luck so here si my problem.
I am running a acer aspire one doul boot with windows xp sp3 and ubuntu 9.04. for some reason my grub 1.5 became currupted and everytime i boot my computer it goes to an error 17. The acer aspire one does not come with an optical drive and I ahve yet to obtain one. but i do have a ubuntu 9.04 live cd. so i am using another computer running windows 2000 to try and find a fix. i made an iso from the cd and tried to install it on a flash drive with unetbootin and with no luck didnt work.. just went to a blank screen when i booted from it. so i tried to format my usb to try that. now everytime i try and boot from it it give me a "Invalid System Data" "please replace disk and press any key to continue" i ahve another 1gb flash drive at my use but its holding the iso... So to come down to my question. Is there anything else i can use to put the iso on the flash drive besides unetbootin. the works really well on my windows 2000 computer to install stright form the cd to the usb