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I'm seeing the same thing as PhilB; I had the CAC reader running fine in Jaunty and then had to replace my CAC out at work, now the new one is coming up with that same "Status - Not Present" and "Manufacturer - Unknown" when I check it out in Firefox. (Edit > Preferences > Advanced > Security Devices"). I've removed/reinstalled Coolkey, libccid, even renamed the .Mozilla folder in my home directory and made Firefox generate a new profile. So far no luck getting the new CAC to work even though the one I had until Thursday, April 1st worked fine under Karmic, Jaunty, and even the Lucid beta release. The new card may as well not exist for all Firefox sees of it.
I think I figured it out.

Just tested a friend of mine's CAC card in my Ubuntu setup and it seems that not all CAC cards are created equal. My card must be like yours. When running pcsc_scan, the card type that comes up is:

DoD CAC card issued Jan 14, 2010

but my friend's CAC comes up with this

CAC (Common Access Card).

His card detected fine in Firefox and the security device tab was able to pick up his information while mine still said "Not Present". So, I'm thinking about going to the MPF and getting a new CAC card to try. The thing I'll look for is the difference in the chip electrical contacts. My friend's had all straight divider lines between all contacts. The center contact on my card resembles a mastercard logo. It looks like two adjacent circles overlapping in the center. If the new card has that style contact, I'm going to ask for a different one. We'll see happens.