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Thread: Cannot edit frostwire downloads

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    Question Cannot edit frostwire downloads

    I have Frostwire on my mac and can download songs with it, but once the songs show up in my library I cannot move them to another playlist or edit them (song info, album artwork). I also have trouble opening Frostwire unless I set it to open at startup. Any ideas why??

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    Re: Cannot edit frostwire downloads

    Hi vivi11191,

    That sounds pretty frustrating! It must be because of "permissions." Do you know where your downloads are being downloaded (as in, the physical location of the folders) ?
    Let's pretend they're in your /home/vivi folder, and that they're named "completed" and "incomplete".
    Please post the output of
    ls -l | grep -i incomplete
    ls -l | grep -i completed
    I bet that the owner and the group will be "root". So you will have to change them:
    sudo chown vivi completed
    where "vivi" is your username. The one that is /home/vivi.

    also do a ls -l on the files inside the folders and see if they're owned by root. Also, you may have to give yourself read and write permissions.

    For some homework, read up on the chmod, chown, and chgrp man pages by typing
    man chmod

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