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Thread: Installation Jaunty problem?

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    Unhappy Installation Jaunty problem?

    My Specs: Intel Celeron 2.4GHz, 512Mb Ram, Nvidia GeForce FX5200, etc.. 1 HD with WinXP, 1 HD with Ubuntu Hardy Heron.

    Reason: Decided to try Ubuntu Studio (Jaunty) for my video, sound, animations, grafix editing. Got entranced by the promises from the Ubuntu Studio website. Was using WinXP, Uleads movie editor, flash freeware editors, wavosaur, other freewares.

    Problem#1: After I disconnected my hardisk with WinXP in it, I installed Ubuntu Studio on my harddisk where I installed Ubuntu Hardy. All went well... absolutely no problem at all, smooth as mayo... but it got stuck when it rebooted. It just hanged on the Ubuntu welcome screen, not even reaching the login screen. And my NumLock & CapsLock lights kept blinking all the while.

    Problem#2: I tried installing the Ubuntu desktop (still Jaunty), and it manifested the same problem. Smooth installation, hanged welcome screen, 2 blinking led.

    After that, I re-installed the Ubuntu Hardy Heron, and grumphed at the lengthy updates... No problem.

    Any ideas please? I really want to try Ubuntu Studio,or even just the Ubuntu desktop Jaunty.
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