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Thread: rip xbox 360 games in linux?

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    rip xbox 360 games in linux?

    i have some xbox 360 games that i own and would like to make legal backups of. in windows i used xbox backup creator with my kreon drive, how do you do this in linux? i tried doing dd if=/dev/dvd of=GameIpurchased.iso but the .iso is only about 220mb. i searched both google and this forum but haven't found anything. any sugestions?

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    Re: rip xbox 360 games in linux?

    i cant believe nobody has anything on this.... I guess you have to use a virtual machine with windows running wxripper and abg360

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    Re: rip xbox 360 games in linux?

    There. I just got done submitting/writing that

    Everything I did in (what I think to be) nice detail.

    Wine is a wonderful thing...

    Added pics to the wine page...proof if you needed it =)
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    Re: rip xbox 360 games in linux?


    xbc seems to work 'alright'

    image browser will not load isos though

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