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Xmodmap might solve your problem.
I suggest that you do:
1. get the keysym name of the key via xev that you would like to use for screen brightness adjustment
2. find the keysym name for the screen brightness
3. do :
xmodmap -e " keysym function4 = Brightness"
for example. This is just an example actual keysym names will probably different than "function4" or "Brightness".
I did tinker around a bit with remapping keys instead of creating brightness keyboard shortcuts. But there seems to be something at a lower-level that prevents me from using the standard "XF86MonBrightnessUp" and "XF86MonBrightnessDown" keys as shortcuts. Sure, I can request they be used as shortcuts, but it just doesn't work.

Could you provide some more detail about how your solution can help with this problem? Thanks for the input!