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Thread: Restore Default Unity settings

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    Exclamation Restore Default Unity settings

    I've had this computer for a few days. I was playing around with it trying to get the multiple desktop cube. I wanted to restore it back, however every setting had dependencies with other settings so now my unity interface is unusable.
    the problems are
    -no taskbar and no lancher
    -some keycommands don't work(Ctrl-alt-t no longer opens a terminal, it used to)
    -can't log off
    how do i restore it to factory settings
    I messed it up using CCSM or whatever it's called
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    Re: Restore Default Unity settings

    Reinstalling ubuntu would be the easiest option, but also a last resort (unless you haven't installed many programs or configured alot of things so a reinstall doesn't come in mind)

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    Re: Restore Default Unity settings

    I could do that but apparently there is a unique partition setup that ignores a part of my hard drive which is damaged (hence the name LinuxSavedMyComputer)

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    Re: Restore Default Unity settings

    Open a terminal any way you can or run dialog if that works, (Alt+F2) and run - may take several seconds or more after running
    unity --reset
    If need be, to open a terminal just navigate to /usr/share/applications, scroll down and d. click on the terminal icon
    (if you have no access to nautilus then r. click on the desktop > 'Create New Folder' and use that

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    Re: Restore Default Unity settings

    Failed, It printed a lot of text then did nothing

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