Hello I need some help I have a home pc running vista i use it for college you know microsoft office, and to legally copy my dvds i have purchased (check local laws) and to use ituns for my iphone. anyways i perfer useing ubuntu and i have the 9.04 boot disk and a PNY 4GB usb pen drive so i booted up the cd and tried to make a usb boot disk with 3GB of space to save stuff (max allowed) but it read "partition cant be found" or something like that so i put it in a differnt slot and ran gpartion found it and tried to formatt it to fat32 but it didnt work so i went with ext2 the default and opened the usb boot deal and formatted the pen drive then created the boot disk with the 3GB of space to save stuff and now it doesnt work.

When i boot from the cd it cant see it at all i get nothing like its not even there.

When i boot into vista it recognizes that there is a new drive availabe but when i dubble click i get "please insert disk".

Anyone have any similar problems?