hi everyone

i see several posts about the poor performance of the adobe plugin - or the excessive cpu utilization.

two reasons:

* seems always true: adobe flash player doesn't use hardware enabled video acceleration (vdpau for newer Nvidia produts, xvba for ATI), it always relies on the cpu

this is a major hindrance, especially for the newest Nvidia ION based "livingroom units" HTPCs - e.g. acer aspire revo, asrock ionstar 330: these things are pretty and relatively cheap, are very capable in terms of video playback and connectivity, but very underpowered cpu-wise (intel atoms)

some of us are trying to convince Adobe to do the natural thing:


feel free to vote for the feature request ticket and contribute with your opinion if you please

* sometimes it's because the opengl overlay doesn't get detected, with predictable outcomes. see http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1193567 - flash optimizations