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Thread: Deskjet D1600 takes an obscene amount of time to print?

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    Deskjet D1600 takes an obscene amount of time to print?

    I'm having further issues after following the instructions provided in post 3 of this thread The printer has actually printed several pages of the document I'm trying to print, but on the last page, it loads the paper, then sits there looking pretty and doing absolutly nothing, other than blinking at me. Pushing the power button on the printer briefly (approx. 1/2 sec) causes the paper to cycle, but then nothing interesting happens. after about 4 minutes, it printed a couple lines, but other than that, nothing.

    The last page of the document is simple -- 1 graphic, and the rest is text and a few tables, so it's not like the printer can't handle it.

    8 minutes in, a few more lines and activity from the printer, then nothing...

    btw, exact same printer (picked it up from Walmart for USD $29 as I needed a cheap replacement for my older printer that crapped out)

    The document I am trying to print is here.

    12 minutes in, more lines, then nothing...
    EDIT: Same at 16 minutes...and 20 mins... and 24 mins....and 28 minutes.........

    28 minutes: The page is starting to emerge from the printer, and all appears well.

    It's just taking an obscene amount of time...

    I'm over an hour into this thing, and the page still is not done printing yet...(as soon as I said this, it finished...)
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