Hey guys,

Recently (about 2 days ago) my laptop's hard drive started making an odd clicking noise when it starts to spin faster. At the normal volume level of the hard drive, a smooth puring sound, when I'm not doing anything that uses a lot of cpu, it sounds perfectly normal.

However, when I watch a video, do some gaming online, or anything else that is more intensive it sounds odd. Normally, it would just sound as though the drive is spinning faster, and the fan might come on, the usual sounds. Now, there is a distinct clicking noise that accelerates as the hard drive accelerates and gets louder the longer the computer is being used in that manner. As a result, I'm trying to use my computer as little as possible.

1. Is my harddrive about to fail?
2. Is it going to explode or something else unpleasant? (more of a joke question, but will it take anything out with it, is it holding my RAM as hostage. )
3. If the drive is failing, then I want to buy a new harddrive and dd the entire old drive onto it. This obviously depends on if the drive is actually failing. Is there some sort of cable that can hook up the SATA stuff to a usb port so that I can connect an internal drive externally/do they even have replacement laptop hard drives?
4. Should I run off of a live cd with the hard drive unmounted to prevent further wear?

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

Much thanks,