I'm thinking of running a mirror here at my house. I have two 1TB drives and would like to save on power if at all possible. Here is what I would like to do:
Use 1 drive as my shares. Have it online all the time
Have 1 drive be a "copy" of the data, but only copy this data once or twice a day (I can live with a little data loss, especially if it's noticed in 24 hours)

I'd like the second drive (the "copy") to turn itself off (either automatically or via a script in cron), and then spin back up 10 minutes before the sync would happen. That way it's not spinning all the time and using as much electricity (plus, won't this save some wear-n-tear on the drive?)

Anyway, is that I'm imagining on doing possible? The drives are SATA and internal. I could make the "copy" drive a USB external, but this involves a power brick so I'm shooting the power savings in the foot there anyway, so that's a less palatable method.

Anyone have any ideas, tips, suggestions, links on this, or am I wishing in one hand....