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Thread: Problem with installation

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    Problem with installation

    I don't like to use windows anymore because of virus problems, so i downloaded ubuntu. my DVD drive is not working properly, so i extracted the iso file and in installed inside windows......

    i installed windows in C drive. now i too installed ubuntu in C drive. now i want to remove all the windows files from C drive.

    my computer should not have any evidence of windows.

    What to do ?

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    Re: Problem with installation

    If you installed ubuntu inside of windows, I do believe that deleting windows will cause ubuntu to not run.

    There may be a way to install from a mounted .iso, but you will have to search to find out how. Also, if you can boot from a usb flashdrive, you can possibly use that for installing.

    Another option is to borrow an external cd drive from a friend.

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    Smile Re: Problem with installation

    please let me know more about the installation. i believe i can help you.

    how did you do that? i mean, you said you installed ubuntu inside windows. that means that you put the cd in, and from the autorun window, you selected install inside windows option. is that so?

    please explain each step you did in detail


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    Re: Problem with installation

    You have to install Ubuntu directly and not inside windows if you want to erase all traces of Win.

    If you have a high memory USB pen drive you may make a Ubuntu pen drive to use to install Ubuntu from USB instead of Disk Drive.

    Backup all data on your pen drive, erase and save the .iso image of ubuntu to your pendrive.
    Start your existing ubuntu installation

    Insert your pendrive

    Transfer the .iso to Desktop

    and on the menu choose System>Preferences>Create a USB Startup Disk

    On the top for Source Disk or image click Other and choose your .iso

    On 2nd for USB Disk to use your pendrive should appear , choose it and click 'Discarded on shutdown' then click 'Make Startup Disk'

    Boot from USB and install Ubuntu!
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