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Thread: SWAT doesnt start properly

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    SWAT doesnt start properly


    When browsing to http://localhost:901 the following are missing from the page :- globals,shares, printers,wizard so it looks like I am not in root.

    However I enable a root account using command sudo passwd root.
    graham@graham-desktop:~$ sudo passwd root
    Enter new UNIX password:
    Retype new UNIX password:
    passwd: password updated successfully

    So when I call the local host I am ask user name and password, which is accepted, and i dont get the full swat functions

    So as not to forget the password requested I used the same one as used to log onto the system on boot up. I thought maybe this is causing a conflict of some sort so I used another one. Now when the system ask for authentication before opening the local host page it will not accept my new password, only the one I login with. it keeps failing and alarming
    A user name and password are being requested by http://localhost:901. The site says: "SWAT"
    I am using the user name 'graham' and tried 'graham-desktop' and even 'graham@graham-desktop'
    any help would be appreciated
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    Re: SWAT doesnt start properly


    I solved this problem. I realized that the username entered is not loginusername but root.
    So entered username 'root' and then passward gernerated and all is well


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