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Thread: Cannot hibernate - Bluetooth USB errors

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    Cannot hibernate - Bluetooth USB errors

    Hi, all.

    I have Ubuntu 64-bit 9.04 on a MacBook generation 2, which has a Bluetooth device attached to the USB. I understand that most MacBook innards are connected via USB. If I try to hibernate via "/usr/sbin/pm-hibernate", or selecting it from the login menu, I get errors. The screen goes black, and then it turns on again with a blinking cursor at the top-left of screen. Then some errors appear:

    [328.685635] btusb_intr_complete: hci0 urb fff8800a078d80 failed to resubmit (1)

    and two more just like it. Then I get a blinking cursor below all that text. After about 60 seconds, the CPU fan starts up, implying that the CPU is working hard. I need to do a reboot to get my computer back.

    I tried 'sudo rmmod btusb', but I get 'ERROR: Module btusb is in use.' 'lsmod | grep usb' returns 'btusb 21784 2' and 'usbhid 47040 0'.

    In case, it's relevant, I have a script called /etc/pm/sleep.d/ that has this in it:

    case $1 in
    /etc/init.d/bluetooth stop
    /etc/init.d/bluetooth start
    modprobe -r appletouch
    modprobe appletouch
    Any ideas?


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    Re: Cannot hibernate - Bluetooth USB errors


    I get a similar issue but it doesn't affect my laptop's ability to hibernate. I use a VAIO and I notice that switching off my bluetooth/wireless hardware (using a switch on the side of my laptop) allows me to hibernate without getting that message.

    I am unable to use my bluetooth hardware to detect any bluetooth device in Ubuntu so I've reported a bug here

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