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Thread: ibook g3 9.04 unable to login

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    ibook g3 9.04 unable to login


    Last night i did a fresh install of 9.04 on my ibook g3,
    I followed the install, did a cli install from the alternate cd,
    The installation went fine, and all looked good, it booted fine no issue,
    However when i tryed to login with the login details i put in during the installer, it said, it couldnt.
    It seems like it cant find the username nor the password connected with it, i put in during the installer,

    This seems weird,
    Any ideas would be very helpful.

    Thanks much.

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    Re: ibook g3 9.04 unable to login

    Sorry no ideas,

    just questions... if you don't mind :] I have a 500mhz, dual usb G3. It runs Dapper Drake fine, but I want to use it for firewire recording... which on Ubuntu 6 seems far out of my league. Some people have been helping me out here and they recommended 9.04. I also seem to have no trouble with install but then the display shows the desk top in the top left corner, with a multi colored band at the bottom & repeats part of the image over again. All of the right side and bottom of the screen are blank [?]

    Have you experienced this... any suggestions?

    Thanks for even reading :]

    (please instruct if asking you a question was improper and I should have just started a thread. I'm new to the whole forum thing)


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