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Thread: help for organizationally challenged 14 yo

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    help for organizationally challenged 14 yo

    Special Education student with no ability to organize studies; Asperger challenged, but highly intelligent student needs help to acquire technology to succeed in the school environment. His handwriting is barely legible, and typing skills are not up to the task, either. By the time he is focused, the information is gone. His advisor has suggested the touch iphone to take pictures of homework, white board notes, and to record lectures, special directions, etc.

    This will be his first year in high school, we want to make it the best we can.

    The OBJECTIVE: an easy to use integration of the iphone (or other device) with computer support for homework.

    I, the grandparent, am a reasonably literate Ubuntu user, and want to integrate his mobile needs with his PC. The sooner we start, the more time he will have to learn the system before school starts.

    1. Is the iphone the best mobile answer? It's very expensive. Is there another device that will work as well, or better, or ?

    2. He has a 64 bit laptop (from the local pawnshop) that used to run Vista, now runs 64 bit Ubuntu flawlessly, and dual boots to 32 bit XP. (I did the instellation myself.)

    3. Any brainstorm suggestions welcome. Thank you.

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    Re: help for organizationally challenged 14 yo

    Just an idea... what about a webcam on his laptop and Cheese ( or Camorama? Would cost less at least. You might still need something to organize the photos, though.

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    Re: help for organizationally challenged 14 yo

    Any nokia would do. You can use obexftp or obexfs to sync the images on phone to the computer.


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