I have an Optiplex GX240 which I have been having various troubles running Linux on. When I first got it, I installed Ubuntu 8.10 and ran it with only minor video problems while booting up. I then got a wireless PCI card, and the computer stopped booting. I downgraded to 8.04 and everything worked again.

I recently decided that it would be nice to upgrade my OS. So I tried a 9.04 live CD. Whether the wireless card is in or out, it doesn't boot. I then decided to attempt to install Fedora 11. With the wireless card, the live CD wouldn't boot, but when I took it out, it booted, worked fine, and I was able to install it, but when I start up the computer, whether the wireless card is in or out, it freezes immediately.

In short, neither any version of Ubuntu newer than 8.04 nor Fedora 11 work on my computer.