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Thread: Xorg display pixelated.

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    Xorg display pixelated.

    When I first log into my desktop, the screen looks pixelated. The GDM login screen is fine, and there is nothing indicating trouble until I actually log in- but it looks as if my screen is still trying to display the full resolution- but with half the pixels. I applied a bit of an effect in gimp to show you what my desktop looks like.

    [image deleted]

    More or less I took a screenshot, reduced the resolution by half, and used no interpolation to do that. If you view this image at 200% zoom, that's what you would see on my desktop.

    Other problems- screen resolution can be reduced- which fixes the problem- but the resolution cannot be changed after the first reduction until I log out and back in again.
    If I immediately log out and back in again, the problem goes away.
    I recently ran an auto-update, which updated libpurple, pidgin, libtiff, libc6, and menu. None of which seem like they should effect the X server.
    I run vanilla ubuntu 8.10

    You only get to mock my background if you have a solution for me as well.
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