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Thread: Super Long Boot Time

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    Super Long Boot Time

    Hi guys,

    I'm having a problem with my fresh Ubuntu installation. After I select "Ubuntu" from GRUB "Starting up..." appears, it takes about a minute and a half before the familiar Ubuntu logo shows up. Every thirty seconds or so, a handful of lines of output shows up, but I don't understand it.

    What can I do to diagnose, or solve, this problem? Any help would be appreciated .


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    Re: Super Long Boot Time


    Could you please post what these lines are?


    -Silver Fox

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    Re: Super Long Boot Time

    When you get to the grub menu next time choose your ubuntu and hit the E key, then the down key to the kernel line and hit the E key again. Now scroll to the end of the line that appears with the right cursor key and delete the words quiet splash

    Hit return and then the B key to boot, but for this time only in text mode, so you will see where the delay is. Post back here and I'll see what I can suggest.


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