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Thread: What is the easiest way to install Ubuntu?

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    What is the easiest way to install Ubuntu?

    I am planning to dual boot Windows XP and Ubuntu 9.04, I have already burned Ubuntu into a CD and have also downloaded the ISO. But when I go to My Computer to start the installation, a different icon appears. And when I open it with ISO Buster, it opens up separately. I'm confused on what to click.. just to start the installation. Are there any other things I need to download to install Ubuntu? What is the easiest way to install Ubuntu?

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    Re: What is the easiest way to install Ubuntu?

    Can't you restart your desktop with setting CD/DVD writer as the first preferred device for booting? I think that would be the easiest way as you already have burnt the CD
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    Re: What is the easiest way to install Ubuntu?

    If you are trying to install with Wubi when on Windows, simply run the "wubi.exe" file. You have a program that associated .iso files with it, so when you double click the CD icon it automatically starts your program (iso buster), so what you need to do is right click the CD icon and then click on "Browse CD content" or a similar option (I haven't used Windows in years, sorry), that way you'll open the CD's content on a explorer window and you'll see the wubi.exe file, you may see it as "wubi" (with no .exe) depending on your configurations.

    Installing with Wubi is the easiest way to install for Windows users, but if you like Ubuntu (and I know you will), and when you get some experience, you may want to make a proper installation as Ashish Meena told you (booting from the CD).

    You may find this links useful:


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