In order to get the Community Council from four to eight members again, we are going to have an election in a few weeks. All Ubuntu members are eligible to vote.

I will announce the details of the election soon. What we want from you now is nominations.

If you know somebody in the Ubuntu community, who

  • has been an Ubuntu member for a while
  • is dedicated to the project
  • is well-respected and known for balanced views and good leadership
  • has a good overview over various aspects of the project
  • is organised and has some organisation talent
(or you know that this all applies to you), please send an email to me (daniel.holbach at ubuntu dot com) with the subject “[CC Nomination]” until July 17th, 12:00 UTC. (I’ll be on vacation afterwards.) If you can confirm that the person is willing to stand for election, please do so.

Originally posted by Daniel Holbach (dholbach) here on July 8th, 2009 at 11:47 am