Hello ubuntu! I just installed Hardy this afternoon and am infatuated with it already.

I recently reformatted a drive on a computer and dual mounted Windows XP and ubuntu 8.04. (I had some difficulties with ubuntu 9.04). After searching on the internet for 5 hours, I finally found the driver for my 802.11G PCI Wireless card adapter. A sigh of relief came over me as a was able to run firefox on windows. Then I rebooted on the ubuntu side to do the same on hardy. Unfortunately, I couldn't figure out where to start with it.

Up until today, I've been a Windows guy, so I knew how to do it on there. I've read several other threads and they all refer to a Network Manager, which I haven't been able to find on my taskbar. I can find Network, and all of the other tools, but I haven't found the manager.

If anybody can clue me in on how to get connected to my mother's computer's router, that'd be great. I've been trying to figure this out for a while.