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Thread: KDevelop Setup

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    KDevelop Setup

    I am working primarily on code maintenance in a Unix environment... upgrading and bug fixes on a set of existing libraries. I'd like to set up KDevelop as my primary IDE but I'm not what the best way is to import the code into a project (as it appears much of the code navigation functionality is not enabled until there is an actual project is created)...

    Is there some kind of empty project (Automake, CMake for instance) that I can use to simply import existing code and retain all of the navigation functionality that comes with a project?

    We use perforce/jam for VCS/build here and doxygen for documentation... there doesn't seem to be any kind of plugin to this regards although if anyone knows of anything please point me in the right direction...

    New to IDEs in this environment... any advice would be much appreciated...

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