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Thread: universal pendrive encryption solution

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    Re: universal pendrive encryption solution

    Quote Originally Posted by leorolla View Post

    Is there a good software for reading ext4 in Windows?
    no. nothing exists to read Ext4 on Windows I'm afraid.

    Quote Originally Posted by leorolla View Post
    By the way, when you say LUKS/dm-crypt, is it the same thing as installing cryptsetup package and just checking "encrypt volume" in palimpsest ?
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    Re: universal pendrive encryption solution

    I have just realized that, despite what it claims twice in the documentation pages, FreeOTFE Explorer does *not* support encrypted device/partition.

    So... as far as I know there is no universal plug-and-play solution for encryption.

    You will need admin priviledges to access your data on someone else's computer.

    The only solution is to have a file container rather than a partition. I don't like it. It's so convenient to have the partition automatically mounted on Ubuntu. But if portability is really important it might be the solution for you.

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    Re: universal pendrive encryption solution

    Quote Originally Posted by amarantus
    I need truecrypt solution on a pendrive that works in any system and doesn't require admin rights. I don't have admin rights in company computer (obviously). Truecrypt needs admin rights to run a driver. Does any good solution come to your minds guys?
    Have you considered any of the IronKey drives - e.g. IronKey Basic? (I don't work for them / don't get paid to ask that.)

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