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Thread: Technika Webcam doesnt work

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    Technika Webcam doesnt work


    I have just moved back to using Ubuntu and I have been trying to get my webcamera to work but it just isn't.
    It's a Technika Techweb1 bought from Tesco's and I'm using Ubuntu 8.10 at the minute.
    I tried downloading Camorama and Skype and testing it with these but neither of these work.

    Camorama just gives me an error message:
    "Unable to capture image"

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    Re: Technika Webcam doesnt work

    hey start by posting what you get from typing the command in console

    command = lsusb

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    Re: Technika Webcam doesnt work

    I have the same POS webcam and it was so bad under Windows that when I stopped using Windows I never bothered trying to get it to work under ubuntu. However, dug it out and I can report that Cheese Webcam Booth gets an image (albeit redish and way "overexposed"), Camorama can't get an image and lsusb reports it as
    Bus 004 Device 003: ID 093a:262a Pixart Imaging, Inc.
    AMD Phenom Quad 9650, 8Gb RAM, (2 x 1) +(1 x 1.5)Tb HDDs; 64-bit Lucid (ʍoʃs ʎpooʃq ooʇ sɐʍ ʇı ʇnq ʎʇʇɐᴎ pǝıɹʇ I); Dual-boot Win XP Pro 32-bit (although mainly use WINE or VirtualBox). HP t5730 with 1GB RAM and 160GB HDD running xubuntu 10.10.


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