I don't know about you guys but i really like the iTunes DJ feature that comes with the latest iTunes

I was wondering if there was a plugin for rhythmbox that allows me to see the 15 next shuffled songs it just seems more organized for me

If there isn't a pug in isn't it very easy to construct one, I'm not expert at linux but i do have some java background.

It seems that the iTunes uses an array that populates it with random songs every time

so suppose there's an array of 20

With the song being played in field 5

the 4 fields before are the songs already played
and the 15 songs after are the ones that to be played

Everytime a song ends there could be a method that moves all the songs one field up and forgets the first field and adds a new song in the 20th field.

Of course you would need to use the shuffle method inside rhythmbox.

I don't know how to do this because i never did GUI in java

You'd need to be able to move songs from one field to another and delete a song without the program crashing

I'm not much of a programmer but i used all that i have in my knoledge to try and explain, if you cannot understand this gibberish or there is already a plugin like that please let me know