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Thread: Decent quality laptop

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    Decent quality laptop


    I'm looking for a vendor/model for a decent quality laptop that will work with 9.04 x64. Any suggestions?

    I've had bad experiences with Lenovo and Sony so I want to avoid them if possible.

    Basic requirement is decent resolution screen (greater than 1280x800), will take 4Gb RAM, has Intel Core2 CPU, 7200rpm reasonable vendor disk, relatively bomb proof (not toughbook grade or emachines crap - something in the middle). Not concerned about anything else.

    Need to throw my desktop out (or turn it into a server) as the noise is doing my head in.
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    Re: Decent quality laptop

    Check out the DELL website. Should work good since they come pre-loaded with Ubuntu.

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    Re: Decent quality laptop

    Yes, Dells are pretty good really - generally well built and good value. I like Toshibas, too - good, well-made machines. I've had experience of Sonys and I reckon they're overrated. My favourites are old IBM ThinkPads (best build and ergonomics of any laptop, period. Good with Linux, too), but I can't speak for the latest Lenovo stuff myself - opinions seem mixed though...

    I've tended to find that lower-spec machines without fancy graphics chipsets last better - check eBay and you'll find plenty of high-end machines with fast nVidia / ATI graphics sold as spares with dead graphics. All that extra speed = extra heat in a confined space... not always a recipe for longevity. Unless you want to do mega graphics stuff, I'd stick with Intel graphics or similar - you'll still be able to enjoy desktop effects etc but with lower all-round power consumption / dissipation. Only caveat is - Ubuntu 9.04 is terrible with Intel graphics, 9.10 should be OK.... (due to changes in the Intel driver)..


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