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Thread: PPC Computer freezes after booting CD

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    PPC Computer freezes after booting CD

    I recently burned a CD of Jaunty Jackalope for PowerPC. I might have screwed up making the CD, so here's how I went about it. I downloaded 9.04 for PowerPC from I couldn't find an md5 hash to compare it against, so I downloaded it twice and compared the hashes of those. They were identical, so the download was probably intact (correct me if I'm wrong). I then burned it to a CD, which went fine. Now, I can boot from the CD, but all I get is a black screen with some white text. It says to input something after "boot:" I pushed enter like it said, and got "Loading, please wait..." which was quickly replaced by an underscore. The computer doesn't respond after that. I tried putting live, live-powerpc, live video=ofonly, live-powerpc video=ofonly, after the "boot:", but everything gets the same result. I am using a beachball iMac running Mac OSX, Version 10.4.11, uses a 700MHz PowerPC G4 processor, and has 640 MB of RAM. Can someone tell me what I did wrong?

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    Re: PPC Computer freezes after booting CD


    I'm having exact problem on my Quicksilver G4/867! Did you find any solution so far?

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    Re: PPC Computer freezes after booting CD

    I'm having the same problem on my g5. Im gonna try the alternate install cd.

    Also, you should try 8.04 first then upgrade to 9.04.
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    Re: PPC Computer freezes after booting CD

    Using the live cd, try hiting f6 at the screen after language selection. Use the spacebar to deselect apic and lapic and see if you can continue to boot into a live session. This isn't a definitive solution, but it worked for me on two pc's and a laptop that would otherwise freeze.
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