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Thread: The Firefox question week

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    The Firefox question week

    The Firefox question week is over, with a total of 45 threads regarding Firefox 3.5 release, repository updates, installation methods and Shiretoko name complaints

    There are a lot more threads if we consider those requesting support for solutions about issues encountered after the installation. But those are most of the time very specific, unlike for example all the threads about recurring problems with multiple flash plugin installations. So I decided to no include them on the survey.

    Threads (some were merged)

    The 4 most popular methods of installation of Firefox 3.5 (Psychocats, Ubuntuzilla, Repository, Shiretoko/Swiftfox) are available in the "Install Other Versions" section of the Firefox optimization and troubleshooting thread.

    There is also a detailed explanation of each installation method provided, comparing the most important differences. I personally tested all of them and they work like a charm, but I recommend methods 1 (Psychocats) and 2 (Ubuntuzilla).

    Coming soon!

    The Google Chrome question week...

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