I have been been using openSUSE for 5 years and decided I would give Ubuntu a try.

Since I use DVI with a 4600 series ATI card which is considered a newer video card Ubuntu cannot even see this card at boot so I have no display. Unlike openSUSE when I use the Ubuntu safe mode it gives me a option for video or display problems but no options for me to install the drivers from safe mode or correct the problem. Since Ubuntu cannot correct the problem from their version of a safe mode and I cannot get into the text command mode to correct it myself I guess it is back to openSUSE.

This is the first of 5 Linux distros I have tried that cannot give me a basic display screen on boot with a DVI hook up in which I can install the appropriate drivers for a video card. Why Ubuntu makes it so hard for a user to get into a command mode whether it be boot text or on the desktop makes me believe they think all users are computer dumb. At least on openSUSE when using safe mode it will show me errors within the display or video field and if it the X server I can type a ? and it will display options for text command input.

Without this option there is no way I can configure Ubuntu to accept the DVI connection and for me to install the Linux drivers which I do have on a CD.

So if anyone knows how I can get into the Admin text command mode during boot please let me know. Switching back to openSUSE until I see an email notifying me there is a response to this post. Have a great day and stay with Linux.