Hello all,

I am curious if there has been any improvements in audio sound card handling via USB or Firewire in Jaunty? (9.04).

I am still using Ubuntu Studio Hardy (8.04). My current sound device (M-Audio Delta 44) is working properly, but it doesn't have midi and it is kind of cumbersome to hook up to non-pro gear. At the time I set up my sound card, USB support and Firewire support was kind of hit or miss with emphasis on the 'miss'. I am wondering if there have been improvements since Hardy. As far as I know there wasn't an Ubuntu Studio Intrepid (8.10)...but I do see a version 9.04 available for download.

One thing I am mainly interested in is if there were updates to Jack and FFADO support for firewire devices. Version 8.10 of Ubuntu Studio still only supported Freebob for firewire devices. FFADO was very new at that point, but already back then, there were several devices that were reported to work fine with it. The trouble was trying to set up FFADO with Jack. I was told that with newer versions of Ubuntu Studio and Jack that FFADO will be fully supported "out of the box". So I am wondering if this is the case.

Also I am curious about any other sound card improvements with version 9.04.