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Thread: No mp3 in Sound Juicer

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    No mp3 in Sound Juicer

    I'm new to Ubuntu. I want to rip music with Sound Juicer to mp3 format. The documentation says that mp3's are usually available, but it is not on my laptop. What do I need to do / get / install to let me rip to mp3? Thanks!

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    Re: No mp3 in Sound Juicer

    Probably just install ubuntu-restricted-extras

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    Unhappy Re: No mp3 in Sound Juicer

    Having the same problem as the OP and several others posted in earlier messages. Running Hardy 8.04. Tried to install grip per a Ubuntu How-To and got a Beta version!! LTS indeed.

    Attempt to install ubuntu-restricted-extras yields package not found both with Synaptic Package Manager and with apt-get install.

    Sound Juicer shows mp3 as an active profile in the Edit Profile window but does not allow the selection of mp3 as an output format.


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    Red face Re: No mp3 in Sound Juicer


    What was borked was the /etc/apt/sources.list file. Long story not worth relating here. Got a correct sources.list, upgraded and installed all the listed packages and voila! MP3 now in output list. What does it sound like? Next posting...

    Sorry for the waste of bandwidth

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