New to linux here ...

I am accustomed to Windows media players (not just WMP itself, but any player that runs on Windows) being able to read the album art from the MP3 file itself, so the album art travels with the music file and not with the proprietary library that the player may use..

Of course, all the Windows players still add the album art to their libraries, in whatever format they use, but they are able to get that album art directly from the MP3 files when the files are first added to the library

I am having trouble getting Rythmbox to read the album art that is already encoded into the music file. I have checked the plugin, but it seems this plugin is strictly for retrieving the art from the internet, not from the files themselves.

Is this correct or am I doing something wrong? Id this is a limitation of Rythmbox, is there a Linux music player that can read the album art from the MP3 tags?

Thanks much for the help,


P.S. I am new to the forums and have noticed that a lot of the answers given to newbies tend to include some anti-Microsoft attitude or commentary. At the risk of being rude, I hope that can be kept off this thread, as I find it irrelevant to the actual question at hand