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Thread: need a hardware solution

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    need a hardware solution


    I have an HD projector mounted to my ceiling connected via DVI cable. I would like to connect the following components to it
    X-box 360 (non HDMI) component cable only (red, blue, green)
    a 5.1 speaker system
    an HD Cable box
    and my ubuntu operating system.

    how do i connect all these devices?
    has anyone else do anything like this?
    Is there a computer system that would allow me to connect all these things together or would i need a receiver? which receiver should i get?

    also, I have considered getting a PS3 if that would be simpler

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    Re: need a hardware solution

    What you need is a video switch, you may have a hard time with the component inputs, but all the other inputs and outputs should be included.

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