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    EeePc 1008HA ethternet


    I just got my new Asus Eeepc 1008HA today and of course the first thing i did was installing Ubuntu 9.04. Now im having problems with my internet connection, wirded and wireless.

    I of course researched that topic alot and there are alot of similar posts, and even Ubunut has a way of fixing it. Ubuntu says i would need to remove my battery, and then it should work. Only problem is, the new Eeepc uses the Seeshell design and it is not easy to just remove the battery. I cant acces the router with my firefox either.

    So is there any other way of getting my internet to work? Or am i going to need to open the netbook?

    I would post a couple of outputs like ifconfig but since i cant just copy it i didnt do it right now. If its need it i will of course provide that information.

    Thank you

    Edit: Just found out, opening the netbook is out of the question, so its impossble to remove the battery.

    Major Update: I got the wireless internet working on my 1008HA. I just downloaded the 'linux-backports-modules' *.deb file and the wireless workes. After i updated the wireless didnt work again so i downloaded the *.deb for the new kernel, installed that also and now it wokrs again. But this still isnt good, since i really need the LAN to work..

    The *.deb for the Kernel that gets installed with 9.04 can be downloaded here :

    I hope anyone knows how to enable the lan.
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