HI. I am here to find out an asnwer to the following question. Here is my case:

I have so far been using Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition on my dedicated server to connect users via VPNs simultaneously through the server to the Internet.

It has been working well for me however now I am going to host a website on the server as well and I have been advised to use Linux instead of the Windows.

I am trying to find out here whether I can run same set up as described above using Ubuntu 8.10 (comes free when using server from fasthosts.co.uk). Just to be clear I need to connect 10 clients simultaneously through the server to the Internet. The server supposed to assign IPs (I also purchased from fasthosts.co.uk) to the users as they connect to the Internet through the server. Users connect with user name and password. Server assigns IP, which I should be able to set up as static IP (always stays the same)

Is such set up possible using Ubunutu 8.10? Your time and help are most appreciated.