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Thread: How to install without cd-rom

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    How to install without cd-rom

    I have an asus laptop running on 8.10. recently my cd-rom failed and i wish to install 9.04. i need a step by step guide on how i can install from:

    1. Usb stick
    2. 40 gig Usb drive
    3. from my Desktop working as a network

    has anyone done any of these installs.

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    Re: How to install without cd-rom

    I don't think there's any need for a step-by-step guide if you take a look at Unetbootin. It's a simple tool which lets you select one of many Linux distro's and it will auto-download and put it on a USB stick.

    After that it's as easy as booting from the USB stick and you're on your way installing your distro of choice.

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    Re: How to install without cd-rom

    download 9.04 iso
    plug in USB stick
    system>administration>usb startup disk creator
    select iso you just downloaded and your usb device
    let the app create your usb startup disk, reboot. (check your system boots from the usb drive)
    once the desktop is up, double click the install icon
    follow the onscreen instructions
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