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Thread: vmware and Active Directory

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    vmware and Active Directory

    Hi folks.

    I am using Ubuntu 6.06 on a Dell PE server for Windows patch testing as well as for core application testing. In the past, I had the set up running and it seemed to do what I wanted.

    Before I fire it up again I want to make sure my iptables firewall rules will actually restrict the potential communication of Active Directory from our production network.

    So here is the basic network config:

    Linux/VMWare - eth0 192.168.0.x (able to use production network's router for DNS and updates)

    VMNet0 - 192.168.5.x (subnet of testing environment)

    Simply put here are my objectives:
    • Updates are possible - I'd like make sure that Windows servers can get updates (HTTP/HTTPS)and DNS.
    • The Windows servers cannot 'browse' the production network.
    • The production network cannot 'browse" the test network.
    • Neither network can touch the other's Active Directory (udp/tcp 137,138 and 139; TCP 445)
    • I can use Remote Desktop Connections (TCP 3389) to work on the test servers and workstations as needed.

    I have an iptables custom rules which I have used for this same list of objectives but I am still wondering if I created proper rules.

    If anyone is interested in looking into this type of set up let me know and then I will post my rules config.



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    Re: vmware and Active Directory

    Well I had most of this working the way I wanted before but I just wanted to make sure so I will share some observations. For those that are more experienced with iptables, this may not be of particular interest to you...
    1. The default policies for both filter and nat tables are set to DROP.
    2. Necessary traffic to the Linux box is permitted using stateful inspection - only icmp echo and echo reply, ssh and DNS.
    3. Forwarding of packets to nat table is necessary to use PRE and POSTROUTING.
    4. As we use RDP (Terminal Server) connections to a workstation, PREROUTING is used.
    5. Specific web related services are allowed to and from virtual windows boxes - surfing, updates, FTP/FTP data. POSTROUTING is used here.

    Now technically, iptables built-in tables for filter, nat and mangle have predefined port ranges in their default rules. Here's an example using the filter table:
    • INPUT[0:0]
    • OUTPUT[0:0]

    To me that means anything above port 0 will blocked. I could be wrong here but I don't believe so. Maybe someone who knows will shed some light on that...

    So essentially and wrapping this up, you can do the following:
    1. Set you Linux boxen to drop all connections in the filter and nat tables
    2. create appropriate rules for connections only to the Linux boxen
    3. Create forwarding rules to allow the appropriate traffic to and from your Windows boxes
    4. Create the appropriate rules in the nat table to mask as the Linux boxen or convert to target windows ips

    That should be about it.


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