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Thread: Alright Already!

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    Alright Already!

    Spread the word. I'd like some more activity here.

    Not sure what to do though. We need guidance from people in this state. We have a different mentality, the ability to slide similar topics because of our location synchrony-
    which people in different places cannot provide as easily.
    We can meet up, we can throw ideas around. There are people out there but without organisation this is impossible.
    Without a purpose this is pointless. Most of our points are similar, otherwise we would not be on here.
    Articulate your personal, obvious goals in relation to your technologically related *other life (please)
    What do you want in life. What is your dream in relation to the mentality that attaches itself to a community based operating system,
    a momentous dream, hopeful of cooperation and understanding-
    Helpfully guiding the new ones, as to plant more seeds for future helpers,
    for without helping those who need it,
    who are we to expect recognition?

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    Re: Alright Already!

    Hiya Elep.Repu,

    I wanted to point you to my post about my being assigned as the Alaska LoCo team mentor.

    Feel free to contact me.


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