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Thread: restore graphics

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    restore graphics

    Successfully installed 64 bit Jaunty, motherboard had built in Radeon 3200. Went to synaptics package manager and installed something to do with fglrx and when I re-booted the screen was crazy with colored areas, text in various places. Totally un-usable, machine locked up.

    I booted into recovery mode and tried to have the system attempt to repair the graphics, to no avail.

    I can boot to rescuecd or the Jaunty live CD, mount partitions, etc.

    The /usr/share/ati directory now has only one file: amdcccle

    P. S. I have re-installed Jaunty and can use the machine again, but if anyone reads this and has some suggestions please respond. It is a big nuisance to have to correct some glitch in the graphics.
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