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Thread: PIL "blend" of transparent cornered mask onto image not working?

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    Question PIL "blend" of transparent cornered mask onto image not working?

    Hi All,

    I have a bit of an issue using PIL (python image library) when trying to Image.blend a mask (solid colour image with transparent corners) onto an existing image. It seems that the result applies the transparencies in the corners loosing the original image content. I want the original image content left intact, as it was before the blend.

    I've attached the 2 images I am blending and the resultant output. "img.jpg" is the main image, "mask.png" is the mask img. The mask is actually rendered in code using ImageDraw arc functions etc, but to demonstrate I saved a png from it in code and am using the resultant file here.

    The simple code to generate the output looks like this:

    from PIL import Image
    mask ="/tmp/mask.png")
    img ="/tmp/img.jpg")
    img = img.convert("RGBA") #convert to same mode as mask for blend...
    #mask = mask.convert("RGB") #convert to same mode as img for blend...
    print "\npre blend:"
    print "img.mode:"+img.mode
    print "mask.mode:"+mask.mode
    # apply mask to background image
    img = Image.blend(img, mask, 0.5)
    print "\npost blend:"
    print "img.mode:"+img.mode
    print "mask.mode:"+mask.mode"/tmp/output.png")
    I have tried converting the png to RGB and the jpg to RGBA for the blend, either way I get the same result.

    Any one got any ideas on how to achieve the result I am after? I need the mask to apply on all the image bar the corner pieces...

    Any alternative suggestions on how to do this in code are welcome too, maybe I have chosen the wrong method? Does PIL just not handle overlaying transparencies onto an image? If I paste on top I lose the image behind even if the top image has some opacity.

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