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Thread: Hardy freezes no error message :( - Please help

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    Hardy freezes no error message :( - Please help

    Here is my story.

    I have installed Gutsy in January 2008. Use it perfectly on my 2 dual core Opterons with 4G RAM (4x1 Supertalent) in Tyan barebone. It was working perfect.

    October 2008: I decided to upgrade memory. I bought 4x2G Kingston. Every second day my server freezes every two days. I removed the new memory, everything worked for a month without problems. I replaced Kingston memory several times, and than I get my money back in March 2009.

    In April 2009, I put new transcend memory (4x2G) for a total of 12G. Server was working perfect for 40 days, and then I decided at the beginning of June, to upgrade to Hardy. At this point I thought, this memory is ok, it works!

    In last 20 days on Hardy it freezes four times, and I can not see any single message in any log, that can help me. Can be the memory again ?!?

    Can anyone help me, where/how can I investigate to find the reason for this?

    Once it is frozen it doesn't accept any connection, no ping, nothing, and I have to restart it. Before freezing, cpu/memory/disk usage always look ok.

    Linux 2.6.24-24-server

    Any help will be very very much appreciated.
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