Hi! I just installed Ubuntu 9.04 on my wife's PC. She has on-board Intel graphics, and no AGP or PCI-e slots so I can't install a better screen card.

Now the problem is that she has a CRT monitor that's very dark, even with all the monitor's brightness settings on max. In Windows she used the Intel drivers to set the brightness higher, and on my Ubuntu PC (with NVIDIA's drivers installed) I also use NVIDIA's control panel to set the brightness. However, I can find no way to install proprietary Intel drivers to get a similar control panel on her PC (no visual effects work at the moment either, which isn't serious, but would be nice).

So what I would like to know is this: are there Intel drivers available for Ubuntu? Or otherwise, is there some applet that I can download that will allow me to set her screen brightness in GNOME? Or anything else that can let me do that?